How long will I need to wear the braces?

The typical orthodontic case will  last about a year and a half – that includes the time to not only align the teeth, but to also foster a healthy bite for a lasting result.  Simpler cases may only take 9-12 months, while the more complex cases may go beyond 2 years.

What is the best time to bring in my child for a consultation?

The American Association of Orthodontist (AAO) recommends an orthodontic screening at age 7.

How long do I have to wear the retainers?

Generally, patients wear their retainers full time for the first 6 months once the braces are off, and then go to a night-only wear schedule.  Two years after the removal of the braces, the patient may only wear them a few nights a week.  We recommend that patients keep, clean, and maintain their retainers indefinitely, and wear them occasionally during the night. In some cases, this may be only one night per week.

How often are the appointments during the treatment?

In the beginning, there are a number of consecutive appointments, but once things are up and running we will see the patient every 6 weeks.

What are my options as far as retainer selection?

We offer removable and fixed retainers.  Near the end of treatment we discuss the pros and cons of each and let the patient/parents decide their preference.

Will I have treatment in different phases or in just one phase?

Most patients have braces/orthodontic treatment in one phase, however certain cases benefit from early treatment – certain appliances to modify jaw growth or expand the upper jaw. 

Should I continue to see my regular dentist while wearing braces?

Yes, you should continue to get your scheduled dental exam and cleaning every 6 months.

Does your office accept my dental insurance plan?

Our office does accept most insurance plans, but you will have to check with our office to verify.

We have recently moved to the area, and my child got braces from somewhere else. Are you able to continue the treatment?

Yes.  This is achievable, but ideally will require some communication between our office and the previous orthodontist.

How long do I have to keep coming to your office once the braces are off?

We see patients for about 2 years after the braces are removed, and at that point we invite them to come back should any problems develop with the retainers..

Do you offer the white-colored or invisible braces?

Yes, we offer porcelain orthodontic brackets for those who desire more “invincibility” with their braces.

What is the purpose of the spacers/separators?

On the back/posterior teeth, we sometimes use bands that wrap around the whole tooth instead of the brackets (which are glued to the teeth).  We place the separators for 1 week before placing the bands.

My child’s spacers/separators fell out. What should I do?

The separators usually do not fall out, but if they do, you may have to return to the office to have them replaced. 

Will my child need an expander appliance?

Some patients will benefit from an expander appliance, but a thorough diagnosis will dictate the treatment plan for each patient.

Can I get Invisalign instead of braces?

Invisalign is a great tool to move teeth, but is only appropriate for certain types of cases.